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    History[ edit ] The first written mention of Cimişlia dates from July 4,when the savant Vladimir Nicu explained that a local legend had given the town its name from an unknown origin word meaning "wealth". The priest Iacob Iusipescu, who made the first attempt at a written history of Cimişlia inexplained that in fact it was dating cimișlia word of unknown origin, but cimiş was the name given to construction workers and bricklayers at that time, used by Romanian and Tatar alike.

    The basis for the name might also lie in a bucolic legend of lovers, Cimiş şi Lia Cimiş and Liafor whom jewels appeared, birds sang, and springs appeared from the earth.

    In fact, the reality of the locale is much harsher. Although in Cimişlia became an administrative center, many of its residents died of a plague and there was need of a dating cimișlia cemetery in the southeast dating cimișlia of town.

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    Situated on the steppe of Budjakby dating cimișlia Cogâlnic river, the city has often suffered from the droughts typical of the area. Dimitrie Cantemirreferring to this river in his work Descriptio Moldaviaesays " All summer it is dry In the locality received a statute as a market town.

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    Its first school opened inand in the "hospital" of Zemstva treating both people and animals. It is located 73 km from the capital, Chişinăuat the intersection of dating cimișlia of the country's more important roads: it is on the route from Chişinău to Bolgrad or Giurgiuleştiand is also on the Tiraspol — Leova road.

    It is 30 km from Comrat57 km from Căuşeni35 km from Hînceşti28 km from Basarabeascaand 52 km from Leova, at latitude 46°30'10" N. The city proper covers 2.

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    Economy[ edit ] The economy consists mainly of an agro-industrial complex with a well-developed network of manufacturing agricultural products, including meat, dairy, tree-fruit, and grain farming, as well as winemaking. The Cimişlia railroad station, which takes advantage of the broad network of links toward the warehouses of the industrial dating cimișlia commercial companies of the city, is located in the village Mihailovka dating cimișlia a distance of 12 km.

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    Mineral resources[ edit ] Fossil deposits on a territory of dating cimișlia. Suhov in to contain bones, the remains of Hipparion fauna of the Turolian type, which were studied and described in numerous monographs published in Bucharest I. Simionescu et al. This deposit is of interest for geological correlations and paleogeographic reconstruction. It has been proposed that it become a scientific reserve.

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