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The implication of Tarentum in the crisis of B. Rex et legatus Augusti sau rex magnus Britanniae Două puncte de vedere contemporane STAN, Franţa între două revoluţii. Măsurarea timpului şi timpul social din Evul Mediu până în prezent Răspântie a drumurilor intercontinentaleOvidius University Press, Constanţa,pp.

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Eugen Zuică Constantin Ardeleanu Rex et legatus Augusti or rex magnus Britanniae Two contemporary viewpoints STAN, France between two revolutions. Time measurement and social time from the Middle Ages until nowadays Therefore, our intention is to offer a view on the types of these exchanges Femeia Camerooniana cauta nunta to identify their possible routes.

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The Romanian and foreign archaeologists have been interested in the relations between the Ariuşd-Cucuteni cultural complex and the neighbouring cultures for a long time, their interest leading to a great number of studies concerning the direct and indirect contacts between these cultural areas. Our study aims at drawing the image of the trading relations between the Cucuteni communities and the GumelniŃa and Cernavoda I ones, based on the pottery imports found in the settlements belonging to the three cultural areas.

Duminică, 15 mai Ultimul update Marți, 17 maiFostul fotbalist dinamovist Patrick Ekeng, care a decedat la 6 mai după ce s-a prăbuşit pe teren la meciul cu FC Viitorul, a fost înmormântat, duminică, la Yaounde. La ceremonia funerară au participat câteva sute de persoane, printre care ministrul camerunez al Sportului, Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mpatt, precum și fostul internațional, Rigobert Song.

Therefore our intention is to offer a view on the types of these trades and to identify their possible routes. The greatest number of Cucuteni imports was discovered in the area of the GumelniŃa culture maps 1 and 2.

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Thus, several trichrome pottery fragments, painted in the Ariuşd technique, with spiral stripes drew in white on a red background and then black framed, were found in the late GumelniŃa level from Stoicani GalaŃi county 1. An important quantity of Cucutenian pottery Femeia Camerooniana cauta nunta belonging to the Cucuteni A3 phase was found in the three sites from Lişoteanca Brăila county 4.

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It is worth mentioning here a cup discovered in a GumelniŃa settlement, made of fine Cucutenian paste, trichrome decorated, with spiral-meander motifs6. An interesting situation was noticed at Carcaliu Tulcea county where, in the A2-B1 level, there could be found Cucuteni A3 pottery fragments9 together with Cucuteni C pottery fragments, containing crushed shells in the paste and comb decoration Kammkeramik In our opinion, the second hypothesis seems more plausible.

In this case, the Cucuteni materials circulated alone, within some trades different from the ones through which the C pottery arrives in the GumelniŃa environment from Carcaliu.

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